Over 150,000 Hotels Worldwide

Wacao Rewards offers over 150,000 hotels worldwide. You can redeem your Wacao Rewards online to book from a variety of hotels ranging from the most luxurious hotels to comfortable taverns.

Over 900 Airlines Worldwide

As a frequent flyer, Wacao Rewards gives you the power to fly any airline, any destination, any route, any date and redeem online for anyone. Thanks to our extensive network, we have every route covered, be it a dream holiday destination or a regular business trip.

Online Redemption

To add to your convenience, you can redeem your Wacao Rewards here from anywhere in the world at your convenience.

Online Shop

Online shop with over 2000 products.

Gift Vouchers

Vouchers will be available online within InfiShop.

Car Rentals

Across 150 countries worldwide.

Marhaba Meet and Greet services